Majority feel overburdened by taxes in Canada and criticize Trudeau government’s excessive spending

According to a Montreal Economic Institute (MEI)/EI-Ipsos poll released this morning, a significant majority of Canadians feel that they are being excessively taxed by a federal government that spends too much and spends unwisely.

Renaud Brossard

Renaud Brossard

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“Not only do Canadians find that the Trudeau government spends too much, but they also find that it spends unwisely,” explains Renaud Brossard, senior director of communications at the MEI. “This seems to indicate a disconnect between the Department of Finance and the people whose money is entrusted in its care.”

Among the key findings of the poll, 55 percent of Canadians believe that the federal government’s spending is too high. This sentiment is particularly pronounced in Quebec, with 64 percent of respondents from the province considering federal spending excessive.

Furthermore, 65 percent of Canadians acknowledge that the growth in government spending over the past three years has contributed to higher levels of inflation in the country.

In terms of allocation of funds, less than one in four Canadians believe that the federal government effectively directs their tax money toward the most pressing issues facing the nation today.

Regarding income tax levels, two-thirds of respondents believe their tax burden is too high.

Brossard emphasizes the clear message being sent to Ottawa by Canadians, stating, “They are asking Ottawa to cut its spending, review its priorities, and reduce their tax burden.”

Additional highlights from the poll include:

  • Six in 10 Canadians express dissatisfaction with the accountability and transparency of the federal government’s spending.
  • Canadians are more likely to oppose carbon pricing (45 percent) than support it (41 percent). The Atlantic provinces show the strongest opposition, with 68 percent against carbon pricing.
  • Seven in 10 Canadians recognize that higher corporate taxes result in increased prices for consumers.

The poll, conducted between June 29 and July 3, 2023, surveyed a representative sample of 1,020 Canadians aged 18 and over. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, with a confidence level of 95 percent.

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