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Leading Through Change

In this episode, we have a special guest, Deanna Werklund, from Emergenetics Canada, who will share her inspiring story about leading through change.

Deanna shares her personal experience with Emergenetics, a neuroscience-based profiling tool used for HR, team building, and hiring. She highlights the importance of understanding thinking attributes, and also behavioral attributes. By identifying what energizes us genetically, Emergenetics helps create balanced teams by considering attributes like conceptual, social, structural, and logical thinking. Deanna explains how these attributes play a vital role in team dynamics, both in personal and professional environments.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business leader seeking talent for your team, Deanna provides valuable insights on the qualities to look for, especially in a mature industry where finding the right person can be challenging. She also hints at upcoming changes within Emergenetics, as they work towards a more globally integrated approach, combining efforts across different regions.

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13:27 Leading Through Change
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About our Guest:
Deanna Werklund is the President & CEO at Emergenetics Canada and a Board Member of WEDO Canada.

Connect with Deanna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deannawerklund or on the Emergenetics Website at http://www.emergeneticscanada.com/

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About Milena and WEDO Pay It Forward:
Milena is the sole owner and CEO of Nexus Exhibits and a passionate ambassador for entrepreneurship. She is the Canada Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a volunteer grassroots movement in support of women in business globally to alleviate poverty. Milena’s commitment and passion for this cause is constantly in focus as she helps lead and inspire other women leaders and business owners.

Connect with her at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milenaradakovic/

WEDO Pay It Forward highlights the amazing women leaders in business who are making an impact in the business world and their communities. Their experiences and insights can help you on your entrepreneurial and leadership journey. You may also choose to guide others by sharing the highs and lows of your female entrepreneur and leadership journey.
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