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Can you learn anything about running your business from a charity? 

The fact is that charities and non-profits are some of the most entrepreneurial and innovative organizations out there. They have to think outside the box when it comes to generating the funds they need to achieve their mission and serve our communities. 

That's why I'm excited about my guest, Sharon Hapton

Sharon is the founder and CEO of Soup Sisters, an organization that has produced literally millions of bowls of soup to feed families in need. And how they do it is fascinating. 

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00:00 Introduction 

04:50 How Soup Sisters Is Like McDonald’s 

11:25 Financial Benefits Of Being Charitable 

14:26 Hot Take: Government Needs To Get Out Of The Way Want to get involved? 

Check out what the Soup Sisters are doing and how you can help here: https://www.soupsisters.org/donate-with-miso-money-in-soup-out 

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