Risky Business with Tim Thomson

By Tim Thomson 16 November 2023

Quantum Y2Q | Risky Business | Calgary Business

You’ve heard of Y2K, but what is Y2Q? Q stands for quantum computing, which will impact every organization on a global scale. According to Cara quantum computing is expected to render all of our current encryptions methods obsolete. The concern in the cyber security industry is to ensure that they will be ready for post quantum.

Fortunately Canada has deep tech expertise on quantum, and Calgary is branded as Quantum City. Adding to that, Cara plans to create a Center of Commercial Excellence here in Calgary, building and commercializing Canadian technologies.

Tune in if you want to learn more about the quantum landscape.

Have a look and see how it’s done!
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Cara Wolf – CEO Ammolite Analytx

Cara is the CEO of Ammolite Analytx, a custom AI technology development firm specializing in advanced information security solutions in the quantum and classical regimes. She is a dynamic and experienced award-winning thought leader, author and speaker with over 15 years of executive leadership. Cara has a proven track record of conceptualizing, developing and commercializing technology-based solutions in the defence, finance and energy sectors. She has expert analytical and problem-solving skills coupled with a collaborative team leadership style. Her technical competency, business acumen and drive to succeed deliver exceptional outcomes.


Ammolite Analytx

We use our expertise, proprietary protocols and suite of sophisticated tools to help organizations prevent, detect, and remediate complex and malicious attacks. We tailor our approach to the unique situational circumstances of each client to mitigate risk. Our technology-driven solutions deliver unprecedented cybersecurity services globally, from sub-surface to space.



Tim Thomson
Author & Instructor at Cyber Trends Inc.

Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Cyber Security Strategy, IT Strategy, Professional Services, Team Management, with strong business development experience.

I have been helping companies align their cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and governance to optimize their business through service and solution consulting. I have a track record of improving risk resiliency through secure architecture design, information risk management, business requirements development, and security policy life-cycle management.

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