Risky Business with Tim Thomson

By Tim Thomson 16 November 2023


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Tim Thomson, President of Cyber Trends Inc., speaks about the importance of Cyber Security, and CYBER SECURE CANADA the Top security you can find!

Are you Cyber Ready?

Tim Thomson – Author & Instructor at Cyber Trends Inc. https://www.linkedin.com/in/timthomso…

Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Cyber Security Strategy, IT Strategy, Professional Services, Team Management, with strong business development experience. I have been helping companies align their cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and governance to optimize their business through service and solution consulting. I have a track record of improving risk resiliency through secure architecture design, information risk management, business requirements development, and security policy life-cycle management.

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Bruno Lindia has been referred to as the “Professional People” expert. He has professionally interviewed over 150,000 professionals in all walks of life. As a syndicated host since 2018, Bruno produces a creative video series that promotes your story and your brand. These interviews have been of a confidential nature but now – for the first time – Bruno is bringing a selection of these priceless business encounters to your screen in order to share incredible lessons in both life and business.

The video series highlights individuals who have done amazing things and want to share their stories with you. The depth of ideas and insight can help you advance your career and strengthen your personal and professional relationships. Bruno is continually inspiring executives and their teams to be extraordinary! He has, since 2014, built a professional recruiting and search company. He co-founded a “Hall of Fame Coaching program” that helps coaches influence the best behavior in athletes.

Bruno is currently the President and founder of Dream Reach…Achieve. A two-time International Best Selling author of “Don’t Bet on It” and “10 Discussions for Effective Leadership”, and the creator of the Pre-Transformation Certificate Program. As an interviewer, Bruno is the ideal choice to help you market your company and build your brand.

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Contact Bruno to learn more about his online/onsite programs:

– Professional Peak Performance Coaching (Teams and one-on-one)

– Pre-Transformation Team Workshop

– 10 Habits of Leadership Workshop

– Professional Sales Execution Workshop

– Hall of Fame Coaching Sports Team workshop

– Entrepreneur Coaching and Training

– Franchise Consultation

– Executive Search Services’ Consultation

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