Be our next guest to be featured on YYC Calgary Business

This is our top option: Tell your unique story to our engaged audience.

YYC Interview Guests can expect:

                        • Increased Brand Awareness
                        • Drive demand for your products /services
                        • Build your profile by telling your unique story to the growing YYC Calgary’s Business audience
                        • Ownership of Custom video content created exclusively for you.


YYC Business does all the heavy lifting and provides you with professionally produced content and the digital platform to showcase your authentic self and business…



The MegaPixx Media Influencer program is designed for industry experts to build their Brand, showcase their content and grow their reach by developing a deep, ongoing relationship with their audiences.

MegaPixx Media Influencers :

                    • Are respected and sought out for being “THE” expert source of information, opinions and insights.
                    • Able to reach a greater audience with their message leads to speaking engagements and other exposure opportunities.
                    • Use our platform to establish your voice, build trust, credibility, and reputation.


YYC Business offers a platform to raise your profile, demonstrate your expertise, ignite conversations about ideas and experiences, and build communities around common interests.


Client provided one-time informative article published on our homepage and shared via social media. Put your organization’s message in front of 10,000s of readers


Guaranteed pick-up. When your company has something that you want the world to know we will publish your press release on our homepage and share via social media, putting your message in front of 10,000s of readers.


writing journal book coffee paper  

An exclusive one-time informative article written by our Ghostwriter. We have the skill and experience to fill content resource gaps when your organization does not have the bandwidth, the skills, or the motivation to write articles for various team members and thought leadership pieces for your CEO.



Posted to (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) and reach over 25,000 eyeballs

Display Advertising

Ad Format




Business card

A clean and simple way of effectively displaying an advertiser’s contact information similar to what you would see on your everyday business card.


Standard Banner Ad

Use this when you require “mailto” or relative link as the destination for your advertisement.


Amazing Cube

This displays 6 images and captions of your choosing in a very slick rotating cube (on the latest browsers). Great for capturing attention, especially when it comes to food items. The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don’t want any auto-cropping or sizing. (This ad is not responsive at a width lower than 300px wide) [broadstreet ad=”251874″]


Real Estate Showcase


Real Estate Showcase was developed to give real estate agents a way to create eye-catching ads that promote their most important properties. Real Estate Showcase ads are easy to create, with a stylish design that puts pertinent property information front and center. Real estate agents can easily update ads with new images and property information on the fly, with large photos used to generate interest and encourage user engagement.
[broadstreet ad="245098"]


Mortgage Broker / Bank

An excellent format for advertisers who want to showcase their mortgage rates along with a call to action to entice buyers to reach out for more information.
[broadstreet ad="274162"]


Instant Video


Create a video ad from a YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, or URL to a raw video file. In some cases (such as Instagram), URLs to posts with videos may be entered. You may also supply text, a photo, and logo.
[broadstreet ad="103347"]

Real Estate Sales Unlimited Slideshow

Let the images do the talking. Show off a series of real estate properties in a simple but aesthetically pleasing gallery-style ad format. This format requires at least 5 properties to function.
[broadstreet ad="285177"]

Likeable Photo #1

Showcase your photo in an attractive social-media style ad format that allows our readers to “like” it. This ad format collects likes continuously independent of the photo posted, making sure that your client’s accumulated like count is always increasing. And most importantly, it’s photo-based, which tends to drive the best engagement rates.
[broadstreet ad="244875"]


Automotive Sales Unlimited Slideshow

Let the images do the talking. Show off auto dealer inventory in a simple but aesthetically pleasing gallery-style ad format. This format requires at least 5 automobiles to function.
[broadstreet ad="285173"]


Event Promotion

[broadstreet ad="167185"]


Countdown to a big event or end of a sale. Doesn’t require an image. Displays a customizable and human-readable countdown, such as “7 days, 3 hours, and 10 minutes,” which updates

Glossy Gallery with Captions

Let pictures do the talking with a prominent and elegant photo gallery. Customize to any size, but larger is better. Designed for in-story and between page modules. Upload as many photos as needed.
[broadstreet ad="133210"]

An ad, that when hovered over, splits to reveal a message. Useful for standard banners with additional info, or perhaps plain images that intrigue users to engage with the ad. Any sized image can be used.
[broadstreet ad="94631"]


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