The Vision and Strategy Behind Avenue Living’s Success

Calgary-based Avenue Living is Western Canada’s fastest growing private apartment building owner and operator.

The company began in 2006 with the purchase of 24 rental units in Brooks, Alberta. Today, it has more than 12,500 rental apartments in more than 450 buildings across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the United States.

In an interview with WP, Anthony Giuffre, the company’s founder and CEO, discusses Avenue Living’s vision and the strategy behind its success.

“Our customer base is something that we’ve developed that’s very well-defined,” Giuffre explains. “It’s workforce housing, for people who are gainfully employed and essentially make between 15 and 50 dollars an hour. We focused on that customer – that asset type within the multi-family – and honed a vertically integrated management model whereby we handle the entire acquisition and operation process.”

The full story can be found here.

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