There’s a right and wrong way to start your business.

Erin Creegan- Dougherty, owner of Maskwa Backcountry Foods is doing it right.

I love talking to young entrepreneurs because there is so much passion behind what they do.
They are eager to learn and grow and it reminds me of why we all started our businesses.

Erin saw a gap in the market: backcountry food that was friendly for people with dietary
restrictions. So if you’re gluten free or vegan, she has something that will work for you AND for a
personal touch, Erin’s recipes are all inspired by her Metis roots.
Learn more about how she built connections through winning awards and how she got her
business off the ground in this episode. I also give her a few tips on how to keep growing.

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00:00 Introduction
05:15 What Do You Need To Grow?
09:05 Who Is Your Customer?
11:08 Take Advantage Where You Can
14:31 Why Spreadsheets Matter
16:44 Key Takeaways: Faisal’s Picks

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