What does it take to be successful in your industry for over two decades? That’s the questions every business owner and entrepreneur wants to know the answer to.

You know who has the answer? David Wallach, Broker/Owner of Barclay Street Real Estate Ltd. His answer may surprise you. David is a wealth of knowledge. He has so much experience in every role his business has and it gives him incredible perspective.

85-90 per cent of people who enter the real estate industry will be done within 5 years. They can’t survive. David… well he’s been doing this for 22 years.

It’s about passion (one of the 5 Ps) but it’s also about being ok with being told “no” and moving on quickly so you can get to that “yes.”

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Welcome to The Karmali Exchange, hosted by experienced business & financial expert Faisal Karmali. On this podcast, Faisal dives into conversations with successful business owners to learn how they grew their company and broke through. Faisal will also share his views on real-time news affecting business owners, explorations of the many challenges they face, and other strategies to help others achieve the lifestyle they want.

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