Stand Out! – How Do Somatics Work?

Denise Summers' guest on Stand Out!: Callie B. Elwayns, Founder and CEO of Bold & Visible.

Denise Summers‘ guest on Stand Out!Callie B. Elwayns, Founder and CEO of Bold & Visible.

EPISODE 4 — How do Somatics work?

Founder Callie B. Elwayns says, “This is the secret weapon, the missing link to getting to the next level in their personal and professional lives.”

In the Bold & Visible Program, women are able to move to the next level through Somatics.

The Somatics method comes from the belief that physiological diseases can arise from psychological causes such as stress.

By working with this method, people are able to work with the nervous system to release old patterns often caused by trauma and to fully step into their bodies and their selves.

This program helps women to feel free to take up space, to be fully and authentically expressed, to find their voice and speak their truth, and to contribute their greatest gifts to the world!

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