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Alec Wang on how Nomme has taken food delivery to a new level by focusing on local and expanding customers’ culinary experiences

Alec Wang is CEO and co-founder of Nomme.

Alec Wang
Alec Wang

Calgary’s Business: What is Nomme? When and why was it founded?

Wang: Nomme is an on-demand food delivery company.

The story of Nomme began with a desire to expand culinary horizons within a group of passionate foodies who were constantly on the hunt for the newest and most delicious experiences in Calgary. Being full of entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and cultivated tastes, we launched the first generation Nomme app in January 2016 and immediately gained significant traction in the marketplace.

What sets Nomme apart from its competitors is our focus on being a local company. A company that listens to its customers and partner restaurants to make sure everybody is happy, prosperous and full of great food. Continual feedback and satisfaction checks have been the foundation of the company from the very first day of its existence. And it’s a hallmark that has allowed us to bring on enthusiastic new customers and partner restaurants, while still focusing on the great customer service that our clients demand.

CB:As an entrepreneur, what were the biggest challenges you faced to set up your company?

Wang: I believe people are always the key to success. Finding the right people and managing people to work in a startup was the biggest challenge. You have to learn how to work with different people in order to accomplish the greatest amount of good for your new company.

CB: What’s business been like since its inception?

Wang: After we launched Nomme in early 2016, we expanded our business across two provinces and three cities in Western Canada, serving hundreds of thousands of users and processing millions of dollars worth of transactions per year.

CB: What are your future plans for the company?

Wang: We’re happy to announce that Nomme is now part of DoorDash. We, the founding team of Nomme, can now 100 per cent focus on our new venture – ClickDishes, the first social ordering platform for foodies. We believe ClickDishes will change the behaviour when people are ordering food.

CB: What’s your sense of where the Alberta economy is at these days?

Wang: Obviously, Alberta economy is still recovering from the recession. I learned that Alberta is trying to diversify the economy. I’m happy to see the new growth is from other industries, for example, Internet technology, instead of oil and gas.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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