Meet the dynamic duo of the Canmore real estate market

The Canmore residential real estate market has become an attractive one right now for buyers

They’re the dynamic duo of the Canmore real estate market and Ruth Alexander and Rob Vanovermeire have teamed up to give consumers a comprehensive, effective and winning experience if they’re selling their homes or looking to buy property in the world-class mountain resort area.

Vanovermeire, who lives in Canmore, brings his expertise and experience of the local market to the team, while Alexander, a social media guru and the top producer for her brokerage in 2020 despite a global pandemic, adds her powerful skills in the marketing realm to provide clients with the lowest stress and the highest value along their real estate journeys.

The duo with Coldwell Banker Mountain Central are local agents with a global reach.

And the Canmore residential real estate market has become an attractive one right now for buyers.

“There’s two reasons why Canmore is doing so well. One, people all of sudden, with COVID, have recognized that having a vacation property they can drive to as opposed to fly to makes more sense. For us, that’s bringing in people,” says Vanovermeire. 

“The second thing that’s bringing people in is with the sheer amount of people now that can work from home, and fully intend to work from home moving forward, they’ve realized why not live in a place like Canmore.

“The lifestyle in Canmore is absolutely amazing. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place you want to be. There’s no question. When you think of all the places across Canada, Canmore’s got to be in the top five. Also from an investment standpoint, even though it’s not a cheap place to buy right now, 10 years from now today’s prices could look really cheap.”

He says there is a high interest in people wanting properties that they can rent out on a short-term basis when they are not using their homes. There is also a strong interest in people looking for a second home – either a townhome or apartment condo – which they seem to be leaning to purchasing. 

Vanovermeire says one of the big reasons he has teamed up with Alexander is because of her large following on social media.

“And social media now has become such a major factor in people’s decisions on what they do for anything let alone real estate. So we decided with the fact that I’m local and I do have a good website presence in Canmore but with Ruth’s expertise as well in the social media it would make us a pretty attractive duo to get people’s properties noticed,” he says.

“Between our efforts in what she does on social media and what I do with Google, we’re able to reach a large amount of buyers that maybe most agents here just don’t have access to.”

Here is an example of a property the two have listed for sale currently in the market.

In recent years, there has been a growing importance in using the digital world for the residential real estate industry. 

“Realtors have seen this and they’re scrambling trying to get caught up and they’re trying to figure out how do they do it. Everybody knows they need to have a good online presence. Everybody knows they need to get a good social media presence but the reality is there’s very few that really know how to do it effectively,” says Vanovermeire.

And Alexander is one of the best at it.

Buyers and sellers look to Alexander for her ability to combine traditional marketing tools and techniques with modern digital and targeted social media campaigns to optimize her seller’s properties and their exposure to the market.

Alexander utilizes her LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook following (over 40,000 and growing) as both an extreme networking as well as property exposure tool. Her followers are primarily Calgary executives including CEO’s, professionals, executive directors, business owners and a variety of targeted Western Canadians. Her posts and property listings, as a result, are viewed between 4,000-10,000 daily by organic prospective buyers and sellers on her multiple social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Alexander is always looking for innovative ways to promote her client’s listings through a combination of organic and paid/boosted ad campaigns, ensuring her listings are gaining maximum exposure. She also gets creative with her signage and engages a multitude of media (both traditional as well as digital) to help drive views and traffic to her sites.

She says the partnership with Vanovermeire provides clients with the advantage of combining the strengths, reach and marketing power of two realtors.

“People are basically getting a Canmore agent and a Calgary marketing expert together,” says Alexander, adding that the Canmore market is becoming increasingly more attractive for people due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve experienced in the past year.

“COVID has brought to the front lines more attention to our very own spectacular backyard. We always talk about it. But all of us are looking to invest elsewhere but I think at least now with COVID we’re actually reconsidering where our dollars are spent. People often, who live in Calgary even, forget that we have an opportunity to have a cabin or condo, even a home, in one of the most sought-after, luxury, mountain escapes in the world,” says Alexander.

“And it’s our jobs as agents to articulate that beauty as listing agents and then as buying agents we’re seeing a trend of just driving within an hour to the mountains and being almost in another world.”

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