Worldplay chosen to power Hockey Canada’s video management system

CEO Terry Mochar said the Alberta-based company helps organizations expand their audiences around the world using online video

Mario ToneguzziTechnology company Worldplay has been chosen by Hockey Canada to power its video management system.

Worldplay’s Vidflex Enterprise platform will provide the technology to host and distribute all of Hockey Canada’s on-demand videos to players and fans across the country and around the world. The video gallery holds more than 9,000 items.

Terry Mochar, CEO of Calgary-based Worldplay, said the company helps organizations expand, reach and engage audiences around the world using online video. And he described Worldplay as a disruptive technology company that has revolutionized the video platform market by giving businesses affordable, white-label, enterprise tools to manage, control, distribute and monetize their video content.

Terry Mochar
Terry Mochar

“We are really about helping organizations distribute video and the reason we do that if you think about how the world has changed, how people are sharing ideas, how they’re building community, how they make decisions about what they buy, a lot of that is being done by video. And as the world has shifted towards that, small, medium organizations are waking up realizing that nobody’s reading an extensive web page anymore or pages of text, especially the millennial generation. They’re taking in the 60-second video on what you do, who you are, why they should engage or talk about your product,” said Mochar.

“What was really missing in the market when we started Worldplay was a need for something very simple out of the box. What we call a media company straight out of a box that was simple – gave a great back end for managing content but a front end for engaging with content. That’s really what we’ve done. We’ve built a platform – a media company right in the box.”

Mochar said Vidflex is a low cost, easy-to-use video website platform that gives content owners control over their video distribution, management and monetization, by empowering them to become their own networks.

“The use of video is a very important part of our operations,” said Craig Cameron, director of content at Hockey Canada. “Video plays a huge role on our training, player development and communications. Worldplay’s Vidflex Enterprise product provides us with a robust, yet cost effective video platform to manage our 9,000-plus video gallery.”

Mochar said video is a key part of what any business or organization does these days.

“We’ve actually been in discussion with well over 250 organizations in North America. We’ve had probably close to 100 organizations of all types utilizing our platforms in different ways,” he said.

“The groups that we’ve talked to are everywhere from big entities like Hockey Canada down to small not-for-profits like an organization in Calgary, Next Step Ministries, that helps gets women off the street, to banks.”

Mochar said it’s important to support and build great technology in Calgary.

“I just want to encourage the marketplace, encourage the government, to really be getting a more strategic long-term plan of how to support companies like Worldplay that are growing and creating jobs here. It’s still not as tech-friendly as it could be and there’s a lot of great people throwing effort and weight behind it but I still think we’ve got a ways to go in this market. So I want to encourage people to keep on. I want us to get a more collaborative and cohesive strategy that leads Calgary and Alberta to a very robust tech sector that attracts foreign investment, attracts companies and talent to come here. I think that’s really important.”

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