Harvest Builders launches two new fintech companies in Calgary

Calgary-base Harvest Builders, a growth platform and venture studio, has announced the launch of two new companies as part of its financial technology portfolio.

The two new companies, One Wealth and Propra, join Harvest’s first studio venture Neo Financial.

Harvest said its new fintech companies are set to add over 300 new jobs in Calgary’s downtown over the next three years.

“First with Neo Financial, and now with One Wealth and Propra, Harvest Builders has played a central role in developing these companies and creating hundreds of jobs in Alberta. This work is critical to the diversification of our economy and accelerating the growth of our emerging tech sector,” said Doug Schweitzer, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, in a news release.

Harvest is led by Chris Simair, Co-founder and former CEO of SkipTheDishes. 

“Our Venture Studio narrows in on industries which exhibit significant inefficiencies. Within the studio’s fintech portfolio we look for opportunities to create shared value that leads to powerful network effects and accelerated growth. When entities work in synergy, their alignment and shared energy create value that goes beyond what they could have accomplished alone,” said Simair, Managing Partner, Harvest Builders. 

“We also consider the network effect these businesses have on the broader tech ecosystem and community. By deploying private capital and attracting and developing world-class talent, we are creating an epicentre for future tech and innovation in Canada.”

Harvest said its venture studio ideates new business opportunities and brings in top-tier talent to work together in building and launching globally competitive companies. 

“Harvest’s studio strategy uses a synergetic approach that integrates companies and corporate partners in a specific industry to de-risk each venture and accelerate growth through shared infrastructure and resources. These companies, built internally within the studio, belong to a larger portfolio of startups Harvest supports across western Canada,” it said.

One Wealth will provide an end-to-end platform designed to create a personalized and transparent experience, including access to low-cost and alternative investment solutions. 

The property technology platform, Propra, offers an end-to-end property management solution focused on improving the rental management process for both landlords and tenants. 

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