Episode 4: The path to becoming a team expert

Pauline Greenidge
HR Professional | Consultant | Team and Workplace
I help you and your team to work together better.

We’ve all seen how the world of work has changed significantly. Globalization, technology, remote work and more have impacted how we work and how we work together. All of these factors affect your ability to lead, to be a team member and your unique, individual career path.

Without intervention, this new work world can lead to:
• Disengagement

• Poor morale
• High turnover
• Lowered trust
• Lack of clarity
• Burnout

By creating space for people to be valued for who they are and what they bring, your workplace becomes a place of possibility where you and your team can uncover and see your own strengths and most important, thrive. Identifying and addressing specific issues and delivering results becomes easier when this space exists.

Through this work, you will be able to:
• Develop connection
• Increase productivity
• Achieve outcomes

Teams that tap into the strengths of each member and have clear purpose are powerful, adaptable and resilient.


I am a seasoned Human Resources Professional who brings over 20 years of HR professional experience. I have advised executives and front-line leaders in diverse industries including oil and gas, not for profit, utilities and education.

Individual Coaching
I provide one-on-one coaching designed for busy professionals who want more clarity and confidence in their career. This six month program is customized for you so you can get clear on your strengths and build confidence to advance your career. Book a complimentary 30-minute call with me.

Team Possibilities Program
Design the possibilities for your team in a six-week program designed to help your team strengthen relationships, create resilience and reinvent how you can work together better. This accelerated program will help your team get clear on what’s working and what’s not, manage disruption, burnout, and create a clear path forward for success.

2021 Leadership and Team Workshops

Customizable and content-rich workshops that provide experiential learning in module format. Each workshop comes with a workbook that contains immediately actionable tools and templates for participants. Delivered on-line or in person.

Call or email to set up an introductory call or meeting:


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Filmed & Edited: Artin Rahim

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