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Katelyn Bullock and Adam Kolozetti, Founders of Enta Solutions and hosts of Enta Asks, interview Bruno Lindia and Miranda Sallis of Dream Reach . . .  Achieve.

Katelyn Bullock and Adam Kolozetti, Founders of Enta Solutions and hosts of Enta Asks, interview Bruno Lindia and Miranda Sallis of Dream Reach . . .  Achieve.


About Miranda:

Business Leader / Creating sustainable models for lasting impact / Deep knowledge of Olympic sport and the powerful values of sport on society / Thrive on leading teams to build engaging, high-performance culture | Strong, genuine relationship builder and influencer.

Miranda has a unique and passionate way of connecting the dots for companies and Peak Performers.

About Bruno:

Bruno Lindia has been referred to as the “Professional People” expert. He has professionally interviewed over 150,000 professionals in all walks of life. As a syndicated host since 2018, Bruno produces a creative video series that promotes your story and your brand. These interviews have been of a confidential nature but now – for the first time – Bruno is bringing a selection of these priceless business encounters to your screen in order to share incredible lessons in both life and business. The video series highlights individuals who have done amazing things and want to share their stories with you. The depth of ideas and insight can help you advance your career and strengthen your personal and professional relationships.

Bruno is continually inspiring executives and their teams to be extraordinary!

Enta Solutions:

Committed to Excellence A management system consulting network committed to developing fit for purpose solutions and providing the expertise you need. Custom and functional auditing services, system development, training and workshops.

About Katelyn Bullock:

Katelyn helps companies define and implement their business processes to allow them to achieve their vision faster than they thought possible. From helping build the foundation of values and vision, formalizing and implementing the business processes to auditing existing systems for compliance and potential business risk. With over 13 years of experience in Oil and Gas from design, build to operations having a comprehensive understanding of the daily operations, management systems and business drivers that help companies succeed.

Katelyn is passionate about innovative and fit for purpose systems that skyrocket my clients to success.

About Adam Kolozetti:

To boldly go… These words echo through my childhood and into adulthood. When Adam was little he always wanted to be Captain Kirk, and when he got older and starships hadn’t been invented yet, he started to get worried. But no matter, pursuit of Aerospace Engineering and earning his private pilot’s license seemed the next best thing, and it truly was. There’s nothing like the feel of a Cessna’s wheels taking off on a crisp morning with a clear sky. It is a freedom like no other. You have a moment of crystal clear clarity, where the world seems so full of possibilities and your path forward is so simple and so clear. Such is the task of an engineer. To seek the clear simplicity of an elegant solution. And working on crazy cool defence projects was an added bonus he had earned by chasing his dreams.

Adam helps growing small businesses improve their leadership team delivery and communication, and implement their systems properly, in order for them to offer a great service, gain clarity and achieve their vision.

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