Culture Comes First

What is the soul of your business and how do you bring it to life?

Katelyn Bullock is the Co-Founder of ENTA Solutions. Her and business partner Adam Kolozetti decided to live their values right from the start and set up a 50/50 ownership split of the business. For Katelyn a future that creates equal opportunity and collaboration as the way to reach solutions is key.

Katelyn knows that living your values and turning those into a well executed business culture is the strategy, improves your productivity and your profits. As a leader you need to think about your organizational culture when you’re writing your processes, implementing a new tool or creating social media. You might also need some outside help in really pushing you to identify what those core values are and how you are, or are not, living them.

To get more insights on how to culture eats strategy for breakfast watch Milena Radakovic from WEDO Canada interview Katelyn.

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A bit about Katelyn

Katelyn Bullock is Co-Founder and Ideas Gardener at ENTA Solutions Inc. She believes in profit through purpose; that she can and will disrupt; and that her people are the key to ENTA’s success. And she believes the same is true for your business.

You can connect with Katelyn on LinkedIn at

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About Milena and WEDO Pay It Forward

Milena is the sole owner and CEO of Nexus Exhibits and a passionate ambassador for entrepreneurship. She is the Canada Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a volunteer grassroots movement in support of women in business globally to alleviate poverty.

Milena’s commitment and passion for this cause is constantly in focus as she helps lead and inspire other women leaders and business owners.

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