A tale of two cities

Long before construction begins, planning and discussion are at the forefront. Sometimes that means navigating political issues. Sigfrido Pacheco-Vega and his wife Brenda Pacheco-Vega, founders of Mexsig Construction, saw an opportunity to apply their expertise in execution, to negotiation and pre-planning to help two cities come to a solution. This story goes way beyond your typical construction project.

If you are at all interested in construction you may learn something. Check it out!

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MexSig Project Management

Mexsig Inc. is a boutique-style Project Management practice based in Calgary providing highly-personalized service to our clients. We serve clients throughout Southern Alberta and oilsands regions in multiple market sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering highly customized Project Management solutions for our clients’ construction needs.

Our company provides project management and advisory services geared towards the full construction cycle. Some of our services include: proforma development, feasibility studies, project structuring and development, project monitoring, advisory services, full project delivery, handover and move-in coordination.

If you want a copy of “The Simple Guide to Project Management”, Click below!

Sigfrido (Sig) Pacheco-Vega


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Filmed and Edited: Artin Rahim

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