Calgary launches new grant fund to help small businesses

The City of Calgary announced Tuesday the launch of a new funding grant to assist local businesses.

The grant of $2,000 is being funded by the City through the Calgary Covid Business Support Program that was approved by Council in early September.

In a news release, the City said the Calgary Business Support Grant will assist in Calgary’s economic recovery by providing financial assistance to businesses impacted by the Provincial Restrictions Exemption Program (REP). 

“Healthy businesses are the foundation of a flourishing economy, and The City’s new grant program supports business owners as they ensure compliance with municipal and provincial public health measures.

The grant available is $2,000 per physical permanent premise. Businesses that must comply with the REP, as set out in the new municipal bylaw, are eligible to apply. The extensive list of eligible businesses—as well as Terms and Conditions—can be found on the grant website,” it said.

It said funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis with about $5 million available. It added that applications will be accepted from today to November 30 or until the funds run out.

“This is proving so far to be the toughest quarter of the pandemic in so many ways and we wanted to find yet another way to help business owners and operators,” said City Manager David Duckworth. “After the Province announced the REP a few weeks ago, we could see that compliance would mean more costs for businesses. We hope our Calgary grant can reduce some of the impact they are experiencing right now.”

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