Avenue Living raising wages of front-line employees

Residential rental company has about 10,000 suites and 20,000 residents in 19 markets across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Calgary-based Avenue Living Communities is raising the wages of all customer-facing and in the field employees by $2 per hour, indefinitely.

The company said in a news release that the wage increase applies to hundreds of employees throughout Avenue Living’s entire portfolio of 19 centres throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“The people who serve our customers directly – leasing specialists, regional administrators, suite turn specialists, work order and maintenance specialists are on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Anthony Giuffre, CEO and Founder of Avenue Living Asset Management, in a statement.

“Our employees are essential workers serving essential workers, and we want to show our appreciation for their extraordinary efforts. We have a skilled team of staff in all of our regions and have seen the impact of their efforts and hard work.”

Avenue Living has about 10,000 residential rental suites across the Prairies with about 20,000 residents.

“Our goal is to keep people safe and comfortably sheltered, with buildings that are clean, ensuring we are responding swiftly to customer needs. We are committed to serving our 20,000 residents and are fully open and operational. In spite of COVID-19, our staff is dedicated to serve, and we are truly honoured by this. It is at this time that we need people at their best to deliver customer service and satisfaction,” said Giuffre.

“While many businesses are laying off employees, we are increasing the number of staff to ensure we are well prepared to service our residents during these trying times. Service to our residents is a top priority.”

In March, the company said it was a net positive employer, despite the current climate. In addition, in a time where mass layoffs are happening across Canada, Avenue Living is scheduled to remain net positive over the coming months by adding more people to the team, it added.

The company has steadily increased staff numbers to ensure that all 400+ buildings across the portfolio are kept at peak quality levels, it said.

“Character is revealed in adversity – that expression has never been truer than right now,” said Giuffre. “We are seeing the tenacity of spirit and selflessness of our essential workers shine incredibly bright. We will get through this.”


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