In this episode of Culture Hack, we have a special guest, Brett Colvin, the CEO and co-founder of Goodlawyer. Goodlawyer is an alternative to traditional law firms, offering upfront and transparent fees, access to top legal talent, and cost-effective solutions. Brett shares his journey of starting Goodlawyer and the need for change in the legal industry.

He emphasizes the importance of building a culture that resonates with the team and creates a sense of engagement. Goodlawyer focuses on three pillars of compensation: cash, equity, and personal growth opportunities. By fostering an environment where team members can continuously learn and grow, Goodlawyer aims to attract and retain top talent. Brett discusses the challenges of creating resonance within the team and the significance of having the right people on board.

Looking ahead, Brett envisions the future of engagement and excitement in the workplace, considering factors like AI and virtual teams. He emphasizes the role of leaders within the organization in propagating the company’s values and culture. By nurturing champions who believe in the company’s mission, Goodlawyer aims to make a lasting impact. Join us on this insightful journey as we dive into the world of building engaged workspaces and empowering teams.

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Welcome Brett
00:47 About Good Lawyer
02:33 Using Good Lawyer
04:17 What Does Engagement Mean?
07:21 Overcoming Obstacles from Within
08:05 Finding the Stickiness
10:28 3 Pieces of the Puzzle
11:06 Future of Engagement
14:10 Be on the show

A bit about Brett Colvin: Brett Colvin is CEO of Goodlawyer, a platform designed for fast-growing businesses (
You can connect with Brett on LinkedIn at

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