When should you hire a fractional CFO?

Time is precious and money is tight for small business owners. You need the financial advice of an expert but can’t afford to hire a full time CFO.

In this episode of Top Dog Tips Greg talks to Wanda Murch about hiring a fractional CFO. Wanda is a business coach and fractional CFO and she shares some great tips about her work. The costs of hiring a fractional CFO outweigh the costs, you only pay for the services you need. And she promises that there is no judgement.

Take a look.

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01:00 A Fractional CFO is
01:20 Why Hire a Fractional CFO
03:01 Top 3 Tips
04:29 Client Experience
06:09 Why Become a Fractional CFO
07:00 What a CFO Does
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A bit about our guest:

Wanda is a Fractional CFO and a Business Coach. Her approach to business is “Entrepreneurs typically go into business because they think they can do it better. I like to help prove them right.”

If you’re ready to build a business, you can get in touch with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wandamurch/ or wanda@murchgroup.com.


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