It’s not all rainbows and sunshine building an internationally know brand.

Brian Smith founded UGG back when he was surfing in Malibu looking to fit this niche market: footwear for surfers. And he thought this is it, instant millionaire. Fast forward to his first attempt at the business and he sold 28 pairs… hard to believe knowing what we know now about UGG.

Brian also talks about his book, “The Birth of a Business.” You don’t give birth to an adult, the same thing goes for your business. You have to raise it nurture it and build it up to success.

How did he take this idea and create the cult brand we see today? Learn about the failures he endured, low and high moments and how his business started out just like yours in this interview.

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00:00 Introduction
02:18 How To Expand Beyond Your Niche
06:52 The Power Of Authentic Marketing
12:11 Pricing Your Product
14:58 Stay Connected Stay Grounded
16:13 You’ve Built Your Business, Now What?

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