To build trust, always be honest, even if it isn’t in your own best interest. Keep your word. Be genuine. And don’t use manipulation or aggression to get the sale. To boost your credibility, share your knowledge, expertise, and experience with the world for buyers to see by using social selling, writing a blog, speaking at seminars, etc.

Join Coach Phil and his guest, Greg Belanger share advice and tips on earning and maintaining trust in the sales world

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Phil Gilkes
Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Leaders to Shift Their Mindset, Getting Them Out of Their Own Way so That They Get Outrageous Results! Marketing + Sales + Mindset = Results

Greg Belanger

VP of Sales & Marketing at MegaPixx Media Ltd. Helping businesses leverage the power of digital media for growth

I offer support to businesses to leverage the power of digital media for growth.

Let’s take your business to another level.

MegaPixx Media is a digital media company covering clients’ needs from content production to publication and distribution.

Our online news sites and support local businesses and entrepreneurs by sharing daily, timely and relevant business news. We provide digital platforms and social media channels to help showcase your brand and grow your business.

Our primary purpose is the get your prospect into the sales” Octagon” with you.

The rest is up to you.

• Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
• Solopreneurs
• PR & Marketing Directors & Managers

1. We are the only local media that sources and shares daily, timely, relevant business news to inform and help shape our audience’s business decisions
2. We develop content designed to engage your target audience by showcasing your leaders, employee talent and companies.
3. We provide access to our digital platforms, social media channels and effectively distribute your custom content to support the growth of your business.

Discovery Meeting – Begin with the End in Mind
o Where do you want your business sales or personal brand to be?
o Where are you at right now? How close are you to getting there?
o Explore how /if we can help

o Meet with our creative team to explore the “Art of the Possible” together
o Capture, Prioritize and Budget your marketing initiatives
o Create a roadmap on where you want to go and how best to get there

Implementation – Make it Happen
o Create content (videos, blogs, press releases)
o Publish and distribute (according to schedule)
o Measure results & adjust

Reach out to me for a No-Charge, 15-minute phone conversation to see if we are a fit.



– Build Your Brand on Social Media
– Promote your brand and story
– Published to a global audience on subscription channel
– Additional viewers of your episodes through free publication on
MegaPixx Media outlets
– Download your episodes to your personal and company social media pages

Filmed and Edited: Artin Rahim

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