Out on good behaviour!

As a an investor, your number one concern is collecting rent. Some renters are great, others…are not so great.

Typical rental industry behaviour is to chase those that don’t pay on time or miss payments and then try to evict them. Essentially punishing poor behaviour.

But psychology tells us that humans behave better when rewarded for good behaviour.

So what if you had a system that could track these “good behaviours” and provide rewards in return? Essentially incentivize being a [good renter].

Imagine the kind of renters that would attract, especially if the rewards were really good!

Jason Duncan, Co-founder of RentPERKS explains how their technology platform can actually drive the right behaviours for renters and for investors.

If you’re at all involved in rental investments you’re going to want to check this out

Check out their story below!
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00:00 Introduction
00:30 This ain’t your Mamma’s Rewards Program
02:34 What people Really Want
04:48 Flexible Rewards
06:36 How to get more Rewards!
09:43 Contest Rewards
11:52 RentPerks MasterCard
12:46 Owners and Tenants
15:32 RentPerks Launch
16:23 Outro

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Jason Duncan – DATA & Analytics Driven Entrepreneur. RentPERKS.com Tech; Services; Rewards; Data & Analytics.

As a Multi-Regional Licensed Real Estate Broker with a significant transactional tenure, Jason is well invested into the landscape of Real Estate, Land Assembly, Design-Build and Transaction Management. With his recent shift to Single & MultiFamily Rental Management he brings a broad scope of understanding in applying new ideologies to an industry ripe for Disruption. Prior to real estate, Jason was well invested into a well tenured history in the Tech industry working largely with Infrastructure Projects and Operational Management Systems on behalf of Universities, Incubator Programs, Startup Communities and Large Corporate Clientele.

At RentPERKS, Jason is responsible for spearheading Partnerships, managing the development of a team of Broker Partners, Representatives and Support Staff in each of RentPERKS’ North American jurisdictions, negotiating market expansion and, a point of contact regarding regulatory compliance.

In addition, Jason is responsible for managing AOB’s, ensuring QOS along with developing and executing a North American strategy. Jason also sits on the Board of Directors of RentPERKS’ respective Property Maintenance business units to ensure transparency and QOS.

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Filmed and Edited: Artin Rahim

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