One of the three pillars of Platform Calgary is Place, which is defined as not just a building, but a community. This Place has a “no barrier” front door, it is public space that invites people to come on in and start innovating.

Platform Calgary is the newest iteration of an organization that has been focused on growing the Calgary technology sector for the last 4 decades. The purpose is to serve founders by giving them a community of support and mentorship, teach them the core concepts to build their business, and give them access to investors. The goal is to is tripling tech companies in Calgary in the next 10 decade.

See what CEO Terry Rock has to say about this innovative new space.

Terry Rock – President & CEO

I work with people and organizations…
…who want great things for our cities…
…and who are willing to roll up their sleeves…
…and challenge the status quo…
…to make their vision reality.

Specialties: Board governance, strategy, strategic planning, team leadership, organization change, fundraising, policy development, marketing, communications, public speaking, research, government relations, social innovation, community engagement.

Platform Calgary – Calgary’s Home for Innovators

The Platform Innovation Centre is a hub dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

The Innovation Centre provides a single point of access to resources, supports, programming and events to help startups successfully launch and grow their business.

The Innovation Centre is a forward-thinking project — built in partnership with Calgary Parking Authority and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) — designed to meet the changing needs of our community while accelerating Calgary’s innovation economy.

Platform Calgary exists to generate shared prosperity by making Calgary, Alberta a global hub for startups and innovation.

We accelerate the tech ecosystem in Calgary by bringing together the power of Place, Programs and Partners:

Place: A purpose-built hub and a welcoming community that gives innovators the tools and connections they need to succeed.

Programs: Stage and sector-specific education, advice and globally connected mentorship you need to ideate, launch and scale your venture.

Partners: An aligned ecosystem of over 60 partners dedicated to supporting innovative founders, investors and enterprises.


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Filmed: Artin Rahim & Dominic Lindia
Edited: Artin Rahim
Copy Writing: Ines Quandel


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