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Derek Fuller, founder of Big Fun Inflatable Park talks the top five reasons Big Fun is the place to go.

Number two is healthy competition! Ever wanted to race your kid through an inflatable park? Or battle it out gladiator style with your spouse?

For anyone who has ever had a dream and wanted to add a little more joy to the world, look no further.

Your inspiration is here!

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Check out their story below!
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00:32 Not just for Kids
00:42 Compete with your Family
01:00 The Meltdown
01:37 Cliff Jump

Big Fun Inflatable Park


Derek Fuller – President at Big Fun Play Canada Inc.

I look forward to sharing a fantastically fun and entertaining experience with your family at the most amazingly massive indoor family playground and amusement park of its kind on the planet!


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Filmed and Edited: Artin Rahim

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