According to Murray Malley if you really want to understand your purpose as an organization, go through a branding exercise. Nothing refines your own understanding of what you do than having to explain it repeatedly to others. In the case of HR-and a big part of their purpose is derived from how people engage with the software that HR-and builds.

Adam and Murray go in-depth on how to define engagement. Murray’s definition is that engagement is about relevance. Communication and understanding are necessary, but if there is no relevance to either side of that conversation then there is no real engagement.

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01:48 Engagement is
04:06 Obstacles and Benefits
06:55 The Real Solution
09:35 HR-and Software
09:51 HR-and Team
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A bit about our Guest

Murray Malley is Founder of and President at HR-and Inc, which provides a fully integrated HRIS, payroll and benefits platform, that simplifies business management process and offers a single data-entry point and automation system.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn at To learn more about HR-and go to They will soon be known as People Well

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