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BRITT RADIUS used to be known as BRITT LAND. They recently rebranded moving away from a very descriptive name to one that is more about how they work then what they do. As Dayna Morgan explains they wanted to recognize the circle of influence that comes from working with stakeholders and communities, and the circle of impact that projects can have.

Engagement is such a key part of the work at BRITT RADIUS that company culture and employee engagement are top of mind. During the pandemic the company moved to a hybrid work model, and they are enjoying the benefits that come with the added flexibility.

But, while technology supports communication, it can also create barriers. Dayna has realized how easy it is to just be in your own world and feel lonely in that, for herself and for her team members.

So what can you do to maintain that human connection in a hybrid setting? Adam and Dayna have some ideas for you.

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A bit about our Guest:

Dana is COO and Innovation Designer at BRITT RADIUS. She is a connector who bridges gaps between people processes and ideas. As COO, Dayna oversees all services and operations making the company’s vision a reality. She knows how to effectively lead a team, implement strategic initiatives, elevate processes and systems, and generate growth opportunities. Dayna is an innovative leader with an ambitious aptitude for learning. With over 20 years of experience in energy, infrastructure, resource, and land development, she utilizes her on-the-ground experiences to mentor and provide strategic advice.

You can connect with Dayna on LinkedIn at To learn more about BRITT RADIUS head to

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