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When Peter Gammel was young, he was involved in an explosion that nearly took his life. This became the inspiration behind On the Job. A new way of learning and changing behaviours using gamification. Peter and Kate Marlow, VP of Learning and Customer Experience talk about using gaming to simulate real life experience.

On this episode, we actually simulate and play a game!!

If you are involved in safety or leadership training, this is going to be your differentiator.

Check it out!

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Check out their story below!
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OnTheJob – Turn any incident into scenario-based learning.

OnTheJob introduces a new category of learning called Experience Transfer, which places learners in real situations to accelerate critical thinking, reduce high-consequence mistakes and measure behavioural competency and risk.

What we do with our most difficult experiences is what counts. Ensure hard-won lessons benefit everyone.

Kate Marlow

Peter Gammell

Specialties: Learning game and simulation design, content and narrative development and eLearning business strategy development.


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Filmed by: Artin Rahim & Dominic Lindia
Edited: Artin Rahim

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