Join Shylo and Baal as they dive into the future of blockchain, crypto and DeFi. Baal offers his insights on how use of the technology may evolve and what obstacles he sees ahead. Many of which have become apparent in the latest upheavals in the industry.

In Baal’s view it is still early days in crypto and DeFi. Most people lack an understanding of how these new technologies work, which does leave opportunity for them to be misused. Baal sees the path forward as uncertain. But, also as filled with opportunities for applying blockchain, crypto and DeFi in ways to improve the financial system that we currently have.

As the industry matures and best practices are developed and applied the obstacles and issues should fade away.

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A bit about Baal

He is the Founder and CEO of Elk Finance.

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About Shylo and Bridging the Gap

Shylo is the Chief Administrative Officer at Elk Finance where he’s been leading the community conversation on blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can catch him in interviews and AMAs as well as at speaking events, sharing his knowledge of all things crypto.

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