How do you build a business around an NFT?

If you own the intellectual property rights to your NFT there are any number of ways to monetize it. You could build a business based on the brand recognition of that NFT, or sell merchandise with the NFT printed on it.

OR you could create NFTs that come with real life services, such as access to a private jet.

For details and some inspiration listen to Shylo and Pieter as they discuss all the amazing ways to turn NFTs into business opportunities.

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A bit about our guest.

Pieter is the Founder of NFTz.Studio, which created the SHOEz project. The studio also advises other creators on how to successfully launch NFT projects.

Connect with him on Twitter search for Pieter or @AirWalk_NFT.

NFTz.Studio is an assemblage of passionate, kind, and genuine human beings with a shared desire to bring like minded people together through Art, NFTs, Web3, and DeFi to make the world a more beautiful place to live, work, and play. Check them out at or join them on Discord at


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About Shylo and Bridging the Gap

Shylo is the Chief Administrative Officer at Elk Finance where he’s been leading the community conversation on blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can catch him in interviews and AMAs as well as at speaking events, sharing his knowledge of all things crypto.

Connect with Shyloh on Telegram at

With Bridging the Gap, Shylo is starting the conversation around crypto, teaching the wider community about the blockchain, DeFi, CeFi, bridging, and everything in between! It is all about coming together with knowledge, after all!

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