Shane Wenzel and Sebastian Wenzel, talk about a better way to build homes… and the importance of Marketing!

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03:22 Secret to Success
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Shane Wenzel

If you’re looking at my profile and we’re not already connected, click the connect button and send me an invite. I don’t mind expanding my network because you never know when a connection can impact your life. And before you ask, yes, the company was named after me.

I joined Shane Homes at a young age and learned the new home building industry from the ground up, first working in the field on job sites, then joining the Sales and Marketing department. While in the role of Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I was instrumental in leading innovation in Marketing and Design. Now, I lead the Group of Companies as President.

I enjoy the home building/ development industry and how it evolved over the years. My goal is for all our customers to have an engaging, positive experience that they’ll want to talk about and brings them back to us again to purchase.

I still like to dabble in Sales, Marketing and Design but guiding the Group of Companies through this ever-changing world is my role and one I know I do well.

I excel at the visioning process; I enjoy change management and public speaking. And Sales and Marketing gives me a chance to problem-solve. Social Media is my outlet for creativity, and mentoring is a great way to share your experiences.

I am also a part of the board of directors for BILD Calgary and the Alberta Enterprise Group. And now I’m contributing a column monthly to Business in Calgary.

If you want to connect on other platforms, please do.

Twitter: @ShaneWenzel

Instagram: @ShaneWenzel

YouTube: Shane Wenzel

Facebook: Shane Wenzel, Shane Homes



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Filmed and Edited: Artin Rahim

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