OPINION: Don’t let emails overwhelm you from doing your business

Most people don’t like emails.

In fact many actually hate them.

And understandably, emails can be annoying and overwhelming in this day of information overload.

But I actually love emails as a way of communication and doing business as long as some simple steps are followed to maximize them as effective and efficient tools to aid productivity.

One thing to consider. Everyone is in the same boat these days. Everyone receives tons of emails. Some like myself can receive hundreds in a day.

The key is managing that onslaught so emails don’t pile up, get lost in the masses and never get seen or answered.

The one thing I’ve been able to do over the years is to use emails in a way that is beneficial in conducting business.

First and foremost, don’t ignore them (unless of course they’re spam which automatically end up in a junk folder or can be deleted immediately).

This piece of advice is for legitimate emails that enter your box. If people have taken the time and effort to reach out to you, it really is good manners to respond to them in some way. Again, if they are legitimate emails and not spam.

Also, you can eliminate those that you are highly unlikely to pursue in any actionable way. For example, a pitch by a company from Timbuktu to do a small business story on them really isn’t relevant to me.

Over the years, I’ve built my reputation on answering legitimate emails in a timely fashion. Yes it can be time consuming to do that but putting in a simple system in dealing with emails can be an efficient way of handling what can become a beast.

My system is simple. Prioritize emails. What’s important? What needs a response right away? Take care of those as soon as you can. The key is not to let these pile up on you throughout the day and over a few days.

Set up a folder that will house emails to look over later.

The critical part of all this is to make sure you have your own system in place to take care of all your emails in a timely manner. If you don’t, you’ll get overwhelmed.

I find emails to be a great communication tool.

They can replace time-wasting meetings by getting to the point quickly and clearly. Ask a question. Get a response. Done.

Used this way, emails are a great way to keep track of information and responses to questions. An easy reference guide if they are filed in appropriate folders.

They are a great way to reach out to a vast number of people in a quick way.

They are a great way to simply send a note and touch base with someone – keeping that connection fresh and open.

So don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to emails. Instead, figure out the best ways you can use them effectively and efficiently to enhance your business.

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